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Eventbrite is a U.S.-based event management and ticketing website. The service allows users to browse, create, and promote local events. The service charges a fee to event organizers in exchange for online ticketing services, unless the event is free. Launched in 2006 and headquartered in San Francisco, Eventbrite opened its first international office in the United Kingdom in 2012. The company now has local offices in Nashville, London, Cork, Amsterdam, Dublin, Berlin, Melbourne, Mendoza, Madrid, and São Paulo. The company went public on the New York Stock Exchange on September 20, 2018, under the ticker symbol EB.

User Mary Lee shares her confusing experience, "I find this software unwelcoming and overly complicated to achieve a seemingly simple task. It is even difficult to sign in, and I am rarely sure, even after receiving a confirmation e-mail if I have booked correctly. As a result, I regularly waste time calling the event venue the next day, if a number is provided, to check that all details have been accurately received, and often (not always, but more frequently than I regard as reasonable), despite having received a confirmation e-mail, had I not checked with the venue, I was not booked into the event, which for events with limited space is, of course, potentially especially problematic. As a culture writer, attending arts events is an important aspect of my job, and it is a great time waster and strain whenever an event is done entirely through Eventbrite, as I must check anything possible and still be nervous that I will have trouble attending a sometimes necessary event."


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"I hear you. Glad you landed somewhere that is right for you and hope you do well on your journey. Thanks for the 3+ years you devoted to Eventbrite. - DH"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Apologies for the very bad experience you had but am glad for you and your pay raise. For clarity sake: we did have to part ways with almost half the company a couple weeks back and this stemmed from the massive impact COVID has had on the live events industry. This was certainly not something we planned for at the start of the year. - DH"

Current Employee - Senior Financial Analyst says

"We value all opinions and perspectives, and acknowledge that there has been some change at Eventbrite. We believe the changes we're making better align the company’s resources to support our long-term growth strategy. But with change, comes feelings of uncertainty. While I can’t comment on individual employee matters I can tell you that we take this feedback seriously. We care deeply about our employees and will continue to strive to make Eventbrite the place where employees can do their best work. I invite to you reach out to me or any member of leadership if you have any additional questions or comments."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"1. There is a hierarchy. The employees are supposed to do whatever they are told to. Even they said they welcome any comments and encourage any questions. 2. Super low salary. kind of indicates they don't value people"

Product and Engineering Team (Former Employee) says

"Eventbrite was an admired brand in '08-'10 full of Stanford grads but many have since moved on and replaced by folks from dying brands like eBay and Twitter. Ticketing/e-commerce is now commoditized SAAS and the company's "strategic" projects has failed to deliver any differentiation. Both Product and Strategy teams have abandoned the marketplace mission as they struggle to make Eventbrite a destination page for event discovery. Instead the team executes multi-year efforts on refreshing the look and feel of the website to occupy time and without substantial metrics impact. The Engineering team moves at glacial speeds and mostly comes from other events-oriented SAAS companies (read: never worked at pedigree like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, etc). This breads an engineering culture that lacks real processes or documentation. The "bench strength" has never worked on large-scale services at aforementioned firms and thus many of its services/experiences have broken under larger loads. This lack of know-how also creates a fear of touching legacy code, building hack upon hack. Recent acquisitions have built off-shore engineering centers making it even harder to develop. With compensation well below market rate and and unknown equity value, more subpar talent is recruited.A real 9-5 job and flexibility to work from home many days since product roadmaps aren't compellingPolitics, low comp package, lack of data-driven Product team (especially on the enterprise/organizer side)"

Evelyn says

"They are literally on every ad on YouTube, how can you report them? They have American kids celebrating getting into college but lie and say they are checking their bank account, they show fake bank accounts, surely this is fraud and they should be arrested?"

Christine Marthe says

"Terrible service!! I encountered a bug while trying to register a promo code for an event I'm hosting. I've spent an hour trying to figure out how to report the bug, and every portal I've gone down has led to a dead end. Extremely frustrating experience. Avoid!!"

Patrick Mcveigh says

"You would have to be thick to fall for this scam company."

Nonya Business says

"Eventbrite is a bunch of con artists. I purchased tickets for an event in early March. Covid postponed the event, then moved it to late November. The organizer went out of business late March, we were never notified of this despite the rescheduled date. When we found out the event was ultimately cancelled, by word of mouth, I contacted these grifters and was told that I need to contact the organizer and there was nothing they would do. Well guess what chumly the organizer is no longer in business. Today I find out that they have a form to fill out requesting a refund, but the criteria in order to qualify for the refund is next to impossible to get one. I filled it out only to find out that I will hear back from them in EIGHT weeks. I know exactly what is going to happen in eight weeks, these douchebags will say sorry you don't qualify. They are not going to pay up, they did the form just to appease the court with all of the lawsuits against these scumbags."

Jefferson Paulett says

"Eventbrite ads is an elaborate scheme (make quick money) designed to cheat and scam money. They host a video seminar to entice you to sign up with direct instructions. They use calls centre to see if you qualify (of coarse yes!). They link you to a broker going under Traders88. They tap into your computer via a link Amydesk Remote software to obtained all your information and steal your money by accessing your bank account etc. They will bleed your money dry by saying you need to invest heavily extorting you into buying crypto type currencies. They will create Coinwallet and should it be approved money becomes untraceable. They'll create a fake Stock market in advanced with your portfolio with no intentions of releasing earnings. They may request a fee with same ill intentions of not releasing should you request a withdraw. Eventbrite have heavily invested filtering their ads in between youtube contents and should not be allowed to conduct their fraudulent activities. What they doing is a crime."

Jonathan says

"Avoid eventbrite like the plague. Event postponed due to COVID-19. No update from the organizers since then and eventbrite doesn't even provide a way to contact them for support. Their website is a maze of links that lead to no help whatsoever. But hey! There is a COVID refund request form! Fantastic! Oh but wait, it doesn't work. When you try submitting, it just reloads the same page no matter how many times you hit submit. Thanks, eventbrite."

James Solkhon says

"I would put 0 if I could, our event is cancelled due to covid and tier 3 however me and my friends have all been refused refunds or an alternative voucher for a later date, we are about £500 out of pocket, complete scammers. No response from them or anything complete scum"

Susan Halsell says

"This is a site that obviously does not verify that an event is legitimate or not, they are just willing to take your money and run. We purchased tickets to a Christmas market that showed German style huts with vendors selling Christmas crafts, ornaments and lots of food. There were to be dozens of them. Instead we found a very small flea market. When I asked about the photos in the advertisement they said it was stock photos. They refused to refund any money. They are fraudulent!!!! I will NEVER use Eventbrite and I will tell everyone to stay clear. I can’t imagine how these people can sleep at night, knowing that they are lying and stealing."

linda sharif says

"I have tried on so many occasions to get a £38.00 refund and 9 months later no refund this is disguisting and it is so unprovesional it is my money and eventbrite have kept it for a brutus gold show in middlesbrough in march wich was cancelled ..."

Jac says

"If I could give half a star I would. Truly disgusting. This month, I was unable to attend a rescheduled event due to having a cold and current COVID-19 health restrictions. I was refused a refund with absolutely no valid reason. I have gone to the Ombudsman. It’s illegal what you’ve done and you will hear more from me. Don’t trust them."

Ren says

"Have attempted to contact the event organiser and Eventbrite regarding a refund and have had No response and very little support from Eventbrite customer service. it has been 3 weeks with no response. Very bad service."

Andreia Del says

"Impossible to reach Customer Service. The website sends you in circles. They tell you to reply to confirmation message, which is a no-reply type of message."

thomas starrett says

"Bought concert tickets to Action Bronson back in 2019 for this spring. It was obviously cancelled due to Covid. The event dates kept getting push back and then finally cancelled. I tried reached out multiple times regarding a refund, but the only option was to submit a form which was difficult to find. All of that just to be denied my money back for a service I never received."

Tom D says

"doesnt work with ical on apple ipad. When you click on the event to add to calendar, it ‘subscribes’ to a calendar and doenst CREATE an event. Pretty basic/ fundamental stuff on HUGE platform/ major part of the market. Really dissapointing."

Dan says

"Bought my 12 year old daughter tickets for virtual meeting with Charli D’Amelio (paid £53) my daughter sobbed afterwards bc it wasn’t nothing like they’d advertised. The stars new book was included in the price, were still awaiting."

Dean Bonsall says

"Gigs cancelled for obvious reasons Covid 19, tickets bought well in advance told I don't meet the criteria for refund. Will never use Eventbright again disappointed no gigs Now no refunds."

Stuart Willcocks says

"Purchased tickets through Eventbrite in November 2019 for event in May 2020, event put back due to covid, The organizer now ceased trading due to covid collapse but informed us that we are legally entitled to a refund. Eventbrite are refusing to refund. Their site doesn't provide any means of contact other than refund application. No one answers phone. Blatant rip off company"

Mark says

"Bought tickets in January for a gig in June. For obvious reasons (Covid) the gig was cancelled asked for a refund several times but just says do not meet criteria although I have stated I meet each statement they have there. Joke of a company do not use will screw you out of your hard earned cash. STAY AWAY"

neill mackay says

"Bought tickets in Dec 19 for an event in May 20 was pushed back to May 21, due to covid. The organiser has now gone into liquidation. Eventbrite refusing refund as apparently I do not fall into the criteria they state. Very clever Eventbrite!!!! No contact details or complaint dept details on website. Gave a 1 star only because I had to. WILL NEVER BUY FROM THIS COMPANY AGAIN ABSOLUTE CON MERCHANTS WHAT A WAY TO MAKE MONEY OFF THE BACK OF OTHERS MISFORTUNE!!!!"

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